About us

About us

About Waterford Food Bank

Waterford Area Partnership established the Waterford Food Bank project in 2017. The Waterford Food Bank Project was set up to bring about a change for the better for disadvantaged communities in Waterford by eradicating food poverty.

The majority of food parcels are delivered to SVP service users in Waterford. Others in need are referred through MABS and Focus Ireland.

The Food Bank also receives requests for help from individuals who are currently outside formal services: these requests are reviewed on a case by case basis and are referred on to support services where appropriate.

Waterford Food Bank is managed by a Waterford Area Partnership TUS Supervisor, assisted by TUS participants who pack and deliver food parcels every week.

The Food Bank is financially managed by the Waterford Area Partnership.

Waterford Food Bank is part of the Food Cloud initiative and has charitable status under the umbrella of Waterford Area Partnership.

The Food Bank is located in Waterford City.

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