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A typical food parcel includes: breakfast cereal, bread, pasta, rice, pasta sauces, baked beans, milk, tea, coffee, biscuits, fresh meat, poultry and vegetables. When possible, we also provide fresh produce provided by local suppliers.
Our food parcels are usually delivered to people who are referred through another agency such as SVDP, MABS or Focus Ireland. However, we also receive requests directly from people in need themselves. If you’re in need of a food parcel, make contact; we’ll assess your situation and take it from there.
There is no charge for a food parcel.
The Waterford Food Bank is not currently open to the public – all our food parcels are delivered to homes in a van that has no signs or branding on it. Our service is completely confidential.
Absolutely! We always welcome donations – every little helps. If you or your company would like to make a donation, please contact us.

Your donation will help Waterford Food Bank to purchase food for individuals and families in need or to help cover our operational costs. Waterford Food Banks seeks to minimise operational costs by keeping our overheads low. However, we do incur expenses including rent, utilities, insurance and fuel for our van.

All food donations must: be within their use by date; not damaged; clearly labelled and within their original packaging. Acceptable food donations include: fresh vegetables; fresh fruits; fresh dairy products, fresh bread; fresh desserts, along with all non-perishable items.
If you are interested in volunteering with the Waterford Food Bank, get in touch. We often need volunteers to help with the packing and delivering food parcels.
We can also facilitate 'Corporate Volunteer Days' - get in touch to find out more.
Waterford Food Bank receives charitable donations from a number of businesses and organisations including West Pharmaceutical Products, Sanofi, Sun Life Ireland and the Waterford Lions Club among others.

In 2020, Waterford Food Bank was the recipient of a grant from The Community Foundation of Ireland.

Waterford Food Bank receives an annual FEAD credit which is used to access food supplies directly from Foodcloud. FEAD is an EU-wide programme to help people take their first steps out of poverty and social exclusion. (Food for European Aid for the Most Deprived).

Waterford Food Bank receives a donation from the SVDP for each food parcel that is distributed. The donation goes towards the purchase of food and for the running costs of the Waterford Food Bank.

Our food parcels are supplemented by food donated by the public at donation points in several retail outlets including Ardkeen Quality Food Stores, along with SuperValu and Aldi stores in Waterford.
Waterford Food Bank is a Waterford Area Partnership programme and is part of FoodCloud initiative.

The organisation is managed by a Waterford Area Partnership TUS Supervisor assisted by TUS participants.

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